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Like clockwork, when January rolls around, people become very interested in nutrition. Whether it is because somebody wants to commit to living a healthier life or due to a personal fitness goal, nutrition becomes a major focus during the first months of the year – every year.

As a result, countless amounts of nutrition resources, books, courses, and more begin popping up on the internet around the same time. Some contain reliable information that helps support attainable goals – and others are filled with anecdotal information written by people who do not rely on evidence-based information.

That is why a group of Registered Dietitians decided to come together and offer our support this year. We’ve bundled 57 resources that we have created into one amazing package at a deep discount (we’re talking more than 95% off the value of everything in here).

We want to provide accurate information to help you achieve your goal this 2021, regardless of whether that goal is to….

  • Support a healthy pregnancy, with ebooks to improve fertility and nourish your growing baby
  • Help your child overcome picky eating, with courses about childhood nutrition and tips to ensure happy times at the table
  • Meal plan more frequently, with helpful printables and sample weekly plans 
  • Excel at endurance sports, with courses and e-books for runners and triathletes to fuel their fitness
  • Try new healthy recipes, with ebooks that feature delicious and nutritious meals
  • And plenty more!

If you are going to be seeking out nutrition information this year, you will find what you are looking for in this bundle. 

And you can get ALL 57 resources (a value of over $1,000) for just $49 total (yep, less than a dinner out with the family). 


Below you’ll find an overview of all 57 resources included in this year’s Essential Nutrition Toolkit, separated by category. 


1. Grocery Shop with Confidence Virtual Class (Value $49) - from Jenna Braddock

2. Guided Mealtime Simulation (Value $27) - from Wendie Taylor

3. 28 Day Nutrition Challenge (Value $5.99) - from Chrissy Carroll

4. Grocery Shopping E-Book (Value $7.99) - from Kyla Kurczewski

5. High Protein Foods Series (Value $9.99) - from Katie Dodd

6. Simplifying Hunger and Fullness with Intuitive Eating (22.99) - Sarah Schlichter

7. The Health Wealth Bible (Value $97) - from Joannah Konecny

8. Zap Stress and Improve Digestion Group Program (Value $49) - from Christa Brown

9. Healthy, Happily Ever After Course (Value $129) - from Kayley George


1. Recorded Meal Planning Class (Value $25) – from Paige Wollenzien

2. Three Month Membership to Family Meal Plans (Value $25.99) – from Monica Hoss

3. Seasonal Winter Vegetable Meal Plan (Value $29) – from Lizzie Streit

4. Four Weeks of Low FODMAP Meal Plans with Grocery List (Value $19) - from EA Stewart

5. PrepDish Entertainment Bundle - Meal Plan Guide and Recipes for Holidays and Parties (Value $29) - from PrepDish

6. Mindfulness and Faith in Freezer Meals (Value $8.99) – from Lacy Ngo

7. Mediterranean Diet Handout + 7 Day Meal Plan (Value $5) - Kelly Flater

8. The Complete Meal Planning and Recipe Organization System (Value $14) - Josten Fish

9. Healthy Eating & Meal Planning Handout Set (Value $38) – from Sheri Glazer


1. Winter Whole Food Recipes (Value $6.99) – from Carrie Gabriel

2. 15 Simple Savory Sauces (Value $5.99) – from Elise Compston

3. Cooking for One E-Book (Value $10) – from Karman Meyer

4. 50 Immunity Boosting Recipes (Value $4.99) – from Mandy Enright

5. Regrow Veggies from Scraps E-Book (Value $12) – from Bri Bell

6. Freezer Snacks E-Book (Value $10) – from Mary Ellen Phipps

7. The Busy Girl’s Guide to Healthy Throw Together Dinners (Value $19) – from Lainey Younkin

8. The Simple Soups Cookbook (Value $12) – from Julie Kay Andrews


1. ANEW Well Sports Nutrition Membership Site Access - 3 months (Value $45) – from Allison Knott

2. Eat to Peak: Sports Nutrition for Runners and Triathletes E-Book (Value $9.99) – from Chrissy Carroll

3. Fueling/Hydration Courses for Athletes (Value $139) – from Marisa Michael

4. Nutrition for Runners Course (Value 24.99) – from Jill Merkel

5. Finding Your Sweet Spot - How to Avoid RED-S E-book (Value $9.99) – from Rebecca McConville

6. Plant-Based Meal Plan for Endurance Athletes (Value $49) – from Kathleen Oswalt


1. 50 Shades of Green: 50 smoothie recipes for fertility and pregnancy (Value $5.95) – from Wendie Taylor and Lauren Manaker

2. Restore Your Fertility E-Book (Value $27) – from Elizabeth Bissell

3. Fueling Male Fertility: Nutrition Guidance for Men Trying To Conceive (Value $9.99) – from Lauren Manaker

4. Keto For Fertility e-book (Value $9.99) – from Laura Dority


1. Pregnancy Nutrition Vault (Value $49) - from Marissa McCormick

2. Busy Woman’s Guide to Prenatal Nutrition (Value $15) - from Kristin Brown

3. Nutrition and Pregnancy E-Book (Value $19.99) – from Deborah Hanyon

4. Nourish Your Mamaste (Value $34.99) - from Jamie Adams

5. Following a Vegan lifestyle while pregnant or breastfeeding (Value $4.99) – from Allegra Gast

6. Avoiding Allergens While Breastfeeding: Nutrition Guidance for women trying to avoid milk, soy and/or eggs while breastfeeding (Value $19.99) - from Meghan McMillin

7. Breastfeeding Recipes for Moms of Babies with Food Allergies (Value $24.99) - from Alexandra Paetow

8. Breastfeeding and Food Sensitivities E-Book (Value $7.99) - from Allegra Gast


1. Eat in Peace Workshop (Value $47) - from Jill Castle

2. Solve Picky Eating Course (Value $99) - from Malina Malkani

3. Color, Cook, Eat! Bundle - Nutrition Coloring Books (Value $8.99) - from Liz Weiss

4. Autism Nutrition Library - 3 months access (Value $45) - from Brittyn Coleman

5. Preschool and Toddler Nutrition E-Book (Value $15) - from Jennifer House

6. Healthy Little Foodie E-Book (Value $5.99) - from Tera Naset

7. The ultimate snack guide for adolescents (Value $37) – from Bracha Kopstick

8. Teen snacking bundle, teen lunch ideas, and pre-workout snacks for teens (Value $24) - from Maria Adams


1. The Ultimate Keto Resource Packet – 11 Printable Handouts! (Value $19) - Laura Dority


1. PCOS Meal Plan Guide (Value $29) - from Melissa Azzaro

2. PCOS + Yoga E-book (Value $15) - from Kendra Tolbert

3. The Cancer Risk Reduction Guide (Value $5) - from Jean LaMantia

4. Conquering PreDiabetes Handout (Value $10) - from Tejal Pathak

Terms & Conditions: Purchasers will receive a link to access all resources upon payment. Resources will be available to access until July 7th, 2021 – you must download all ebooks and printables of interest by that date, and you must register for all courses of interest by that date. All contributors were responsible for their own courses and e-books provided for this bundle; Inspired Wellness Solutions LLC dba Snacking in Sneakers does not specifically endorse any particular product and is not liable for claims made in any product. This bundle is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical or nutrition advice. Consult a doctor or dietitian prior to making changes to your nutrition program.

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